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"Hazel McBain makes a wonderful Susanna, spry in voice and manner."

Kate Molleson The Herald

"singing honours going to Hazel McBain’s sprightly mischievous Susanna"

David Smythe Bachtrack

"I also liked the sweet yet crazed soprano of Hazel McBain as K’s short-term girlfriend Leni"

Simon Thompson Seen and Heard International

"Perhaps young Hazel McBain and Elgan Llyr Thomas should be singled out for their brilliant interpretations of the roles of Leni and Tintorelli."

Opera Scotland


"The real star was Hazel McBain whose vivid, animated and versatile performance engaged the audience even when she was only playing a minor role on stage, watching the action from a high window, engrossed and detached."

Emily Hall The Student Newspaper

"As Sharp Ears, the eponymous vixen, Hazel McBain uses her attractive tone resourcefully"

Barry Millington The Evening Standard

"Hazel McBain made a strong Sharp Ears, she clearly has great personality and projected this clearly along with a strongly focussed and finely shaped voice.....this was a wonderfully confident assumption, full of personality and charm and Hazel McBain certainly knew how to carry the title role in the show."

Robert Hugill Planet Hugill

"Hazel McBain's singing is developing nicely - a beautiful lyric soprano and a good actress, she is not the first performer to find that Servilia is a gift of a part."

Opera Scotland

"Hazel McBain’s Servilia is vocally willowy and agile"

Kate Molleson The Herald

"The role of Minerva, the hand guiding the reunion of the mortals, was beautifully sung and subtly acted by Hazel McBain."

Opera Scotland

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